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Watch the Tailors around the nation adding special Yash’s KGF style suits to their menu card

While Yash has not only made his mark at the box office with the success of KGF 2, the pan-India superstar has also introduced a kind of fanbase that no other superstar has with him. While the Rocking star has introduced a whole different kind of swag to the audience with the release of KGF 2, the style of Rocky Bhai has started showing its effect out in the market when tailors across the nation are weaving Yash-style suits for the customers while it has introduced as a whole new rage among the masses.

Moreover, as the dialogues and the hairstyle of Rocky Bhai are taking rounds all across the nation now his stylish suit is also something that has become a trendsetter among the fans. Some Garments shops in Lucknow were seen displaying the poster of Yash in their shops as they offered the same styled suits for their customers. To name a few, Grace tailors, New Like tailors, Zafar Sons Tailors, and Bhola Cloth House are among the few who are weaving Rocky Bhai-style suits.

This is truly magical to see that the craze of a star has reached the level that it has taken over by the common man. Moreover, other than this, Yash has also been credited with reviving the condition of the box office with KGF 2 collecting 54 Cr. in the Hindi market on the very first day which no other film has been able to collect.


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Watch the Tailors around the nation adding special Yash's KGF style suits to their menu card

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