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Rajamouli speaks about RRR’s worldwide attention

Rajamouli directorial RRR was a global hit. It went berserk in the west with unprecedented level appreciation from the western folk. It is a raging hit globally afters its OTT debut on Netflix.

Speaking about the same, Rajamouli said " Never Ever I Expected That Rrr Would Do Well in Western Audience. When Rrr Was Released, I Started Getting Responses, I Thought Maybe There Are Few. Then Few Went Onto 100s & 100s to 1000s. Dirs, Story Writers, Critics & People From Different Fields Talking Highly About RRR."

"I Realised Something I Never Knew About Myself or My Films. I Came to Know That Sensibilities Can Be Similar Between My Way of Storytelling & Western Way of Storytelling, I'm Still Trying to Understand" Rajamouli added.Rajamouli speaks about RRR's worldwide attention


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Rajamouli speaks about RRR's worldwide attention

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