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Dushyant Kapoor, an independent filmmaker, creator, director, and now a singer, is making waves with his song “Bhasad hai” from his webseries “Pehla Chakravyuh -Chalava,”

Delhi based Dushyant Kapoor is the creator and director of the thriller drama series "Pehla Chakravyuh-Chalava," which stars Rituraj Singh, Aashay Srivastava, Nakul Rawat, and Shashi Prakash Chopra. When DK Films released the trailer for Pehla Chakravyuh-Chalava, they were blown away by the response; the trailer itself received 500k views, praising their efforts and now a song ‘ Bhasad hai ‘ from the series is winning hearts sung by Director Dushyant itself.

Dushyant Kapoor shares the journey of creating ‘Bhasad hai ‘ song,

“I was narrating the script to my actors, and there was a scene in the third episode where the antagonist Chalava's scare was so intense that it caused chaos everywhere, and two people had to die as per the script. So so I was making my actor listen to these situation. When one of our team members, Mukul Monga, the man who wrote these lyrics, said to me, "Sir, I have one song that can fit in this situation," I said, "I don't want to use any very common song, I want something cinematic and that has never happened before in the music scene." ."


Then I made him listen to two of my prepared songs, 'kaun hai who' and 'Hota hai chalava.' So when Mukul heard the two reference songs, he understood the type of song I was looking for. He insisted on hearing him out the lyrics he has, as they are very situation centric. When I heard the song on his persuasion, I realised that the song can be used, the lyrics are really good but not with the composition he sung. Though Mukul also suggested that I should look in to to the music composition and other aspects of the song to make it more better. So I took this song to our music producers, Lovepreet Singh and Neelkanth Pathak.

We discussed the song with Mukul's lyrics, worked on its composition with our music composer Neelkanth , and then came up with the tune "bhasad hai." It was a simple song, but the music we used was very cinematic, as it should have sounded like background music rather than the actual song. Next We were supposed to record the song with Neelkanth Pathak , but he became ill on the day we were had to record it, so he suggested I do the scratch vocals and he would do the final vocals for the song when he gets better

Then, as requested by Neelkanth,i recorded the vocal, thinking it was a rough vocal, but when he heard the song with my vocals, he said, "This is the final vocal, we got what we wanted, I don't have to sing for this any longer," and "Bhasad Hai" was ready.When we used the Bhasad hai song in our episode, we felt it was very impactful, which is exactly what we wanted. I really thought the song would be relatable to the audience, and Mukul Monga's lyrics are very beautiful.

That is the entire story behind the song "Bhasad hai” and me becoming a singer with this song !!”smiles Dyshyant.

The series is available on the studio's YouTube channel.

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Dushyant Kapoor, an independent filmmaker, creator, director, and now a singer, is making waves with his song "Bhasad hai" from his webseries "Pehla Chakravyuh -Chalava,"

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