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Sadha Nannu Nadipe Movie Review: An an emotional love story (Rating: 3.0)

Sadha Nannu Nadipe Movie Review: An an emotional love story (Rating: 3.0)

Film: Sadha Nannu Nadipe

Director: Lanka Pratheek Prem Karan

Stars: Lanka Pratheek Prem Karan, Mohammad Ali, Nagendra Babu


Rating: 3.0

Reviewer: Pavan Paul

Sada Nannu Nadipe is a Beautiful Love Story film with Heart Touching Climax. Hero Prathik Prem Karan carried the whole film on his shoulder. His performance is just out of the box and he will entertain the audiences from start to end. The film is based on True-Story happened in Karnataka. The Hero himself directed this Heart touching Saga and RP Movie Makers produced it. The film is released on 24th June, 2022. Check the review below...

MJ aka Michael Jackson (Prathik Prem Karan) lives in a Basti. He and his friends steal things for a living. MJ falls in Love with a beautiful young girl Sada (Vaishnavi Patwardhan) at first sight. After a while, Sada will also fall in love with him and both get Married. But Sada runs away on First Night. Why Bride ran away after marriage, What will MJ do and what happens to their love story is the rest of the film.

Prathik Prem Karan is outstanding. His Acting skills, Performance, Attitude, his dialogue delivery, His comedy timing, His action episodes, everything is just perfect. It's a trailer-Made-Film for him. He carried the whole film on his shoulders and he delivered it with perfection. He has all abilities to become a Mass Hero. Vaishnavi Patwardhan is beautiful and she is a performer. Director made her deliver the right expression at the right time. Young audiences will fall in love with her. She delivered her role with ease. Comedian Naveen Neni played a full length role and he will tickle our funny bones for sure. Actors like Mega Brother Naga Babu, Rajiv Kanakala, Ali, Surya and others did key roles in the film.

As the film is a Love story, Music plays a key role in the film, The Songs are well picturized and the background score makes this film more emotional. Music directors Prabhu Praveen and Shubhankar composed heart-touching music for the film. The action episodes are terrific, Nandu Master composed Rustic and massy fights. The cinematography was done by SD Jaan Ahamed and every frame and location looks natural. The opening song Ratatata is massy. All songs are good. Dialogue plays an important role in the film. There are many emotional scenes towards the climax and dialogues will take the first place followed by the Background score. The climax of this film is like Heart and it will make you emotional. Audiences who are in Love will burst down emotionally. Production values are rich and were shot in beautiful locations.

The Sada Nannu Nadipe movie justifies the true meaning of Love. It is an emotional love story. The Climax will wrench your heart. Youth Audiences will Love this film to the core. The film is very entertaining with a heart full of emotions. Go and Watch it.

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Sadha Nannu Nadipe Movie Review: An an emotional love story (Rating: 3.0)

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