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Micro anthology film ‘Stories On The Next Page’ garners rave reviews

The recently released micro anthology film ‘Stories On The Next Page’ which dropped on Hotstar on May 6, has been garnering some rave reviews for its sensitive handling of closure through nuanced portrayal of relationships and some brilliant performances by its cast boasting of names like Abhishek Banerjee, Renuka Shahane, Namit Das, Rajeshwari Sachdev, Ditipriya Roy, Bhupendra Jadawat, Syed Raza and Veebha Anand.

The film has been produced by Prateek Chakravorty of Pramod Films and Mainak Sen of Deep Films. It has been directed by Brinda Mitra, who has been an Associate Director on ads with Pradeep Sarkar and has also worked with Siddharth Roy Kapur.

After watching the film, Siddharth highly praised the film - “Brinda has made a sensitive and heartfelt film on acceptance, forgiveness, redemption and moving forward. More power to her as she embarks on what I am sure will be a very promising career as a storyteller”.


Mainak Sen, who has revived ‘Deep Films’, a production house founded by his father Sandeep Sen in 1999, with this micro anthology said “we feel fortunate to get such positive reviews from the industry's best. The one which validated my move on producing the film was from Siddharth Roy Kapoor. We are so happy that he liked the film. It only makes our belief stronger to back content that makes a difference. Like they say content is king!
This response would never have been possible without the talented cast and the dedication of the crew. Every actor has elevated each character with their performances and inspite of having a small crew everyone gave their heart to the project. With Brinda at the helm, the vision we had set out with, was achieved with smart decisions, creative storytelling and being rooted to the stories we wanted to tell.

“I am super grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Sid. His vision regarding the content he supports, his clarity of thought and his depth of knowledge is quite unmatched. Sid was the first, outside of the crew, to watch the film and I was beyond thrilled that he liked it so much. That gave me the reassurance that I could now show the film to the world.

Prateek, Mainak and I had originally thought that this would be a very small film in terms of scale, but as we moved ahead, the project kept getting bigger with the amazing cast we were able to pull together, purely from the story narrations. Prateek and Mainak have been tremendously supportive as producers.
My entire crew worked very hard and put in so much love into the film. It's a dream debut for me and I'm very proud to have been able to create it with some of the best people by my side. I hope the love and honesty comes through when the world watches the film”, sais Brinda who has directed and co-written the film with Senjuti Mahato.

Producer Prateek Chakravorty who heads Pramod Films which completes 60 years since it’s inception, this year, praised the filmmaker and said, “I had known of Brinda as one of the best Chief ADs who was very meticulous and a fierce taskmaster. Much later, we had collaborated for a different project where she was the Associate Director. She had watched some of my award winning films and liked them. In that discussion, she mentioned working on an anthology to be produced by her friend Mainak and narrated the films to me. There was something about those stories that touched my heart instantly and it was a spontaneous decision where I asked her if I could collaborate. Rest is history. The scale and actors that got intrigued and associated with this got bigger than what we expected and today it's turned out to be a baby that we are all proud of. I hope the viewers also see the virtue and continue giving it all the love they have been showering since it’s release”.

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Micro anthology film ‘Stories On The Next Page’ garners rave reviews

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