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Karan Kundra And Pratik Were Okay, But Umar Riaz Was Wrong Slams Asim Riaz

Karan Kundra And Pratik Were Okay, But Umar Riaz Was Wrong Slams Asim Riaz

Mumbai, 15th January 2022 (NewsHelpline) – Actor and ex-Bigg Boss contestant Asim Riaz slams the reality show team for being unfair towards his brother Umar Riaz, asks why Karan and Pratik were let go easily? 



Salma Khan hosted reality show Bigg Boss 15’s fans were shocked when Umar Riaz was eliminated over his physical aggression with other contestant. But there is catch, Karan Kundra and Pratik kept inside the house, despite showing the same aggression. 


Interacting with NewsHelpline, Asim Riaz reacts and slams the team for being unfair. He said, “Look, for everyone else it is action and reaction, Karan and Pratik pushing each other is action and reaction, but Umar Riaz is wrong for doing it. It was a wrong decision, other were told not to do it again, but Umar wasn’t even given a warning, he was out of the game, that was wrong on their part”  


“They kept saying, it was audience who voted Umar out, but 70 percent vote were in Umar’s favor, this will come out later” added Asim. 


Ever since, Umar’s elimination social media is buzzing with support, and Asim believes that is the proof that Umar was loved and supported. He added, “17 million threads for Umar Riaz, I think it is record, I am so grateful for love and support for him” 


Asim Riaz also confirmed his next single as well. It is titled Awaj. 


When asked about watching any movies recently, Asim said, “I haven’t had time to watch anything, I was busy making my next track, it is titled Awaj.”


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Karan Kundra And Pratik Were Okay, But Umar Riaz Was Wrong Slams Asim Riaz

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