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Don’t Rely On External Validation, Focus On Inner Joy Says Kubbra Sait

Don’t Rely On External Validation, Focus On Inner Joy Says Kubbra Sait

By News Helpline – 14th September 2021

Being conscious about body part could result in lack of confidence, we all have some body part which took us time to get comfortable with, now diva Kubbra Sait opens up about her experience of coming to terms with her nose, which she thought was too big.


The September issue of Harper’s Bazaar India address the issue of body shaming and some of the most noted and celebrates celebrities share their experience on their social media, about their body parts which they weren’t comfortable with, but with time, came to terms with it.

Kubbra Sait wrote, “I always thought my nose is big, with a bump on top that made it a bit awkward. But eventually, I made peace with it. My first tryst with acceptance was at one of my maiden photoshoots a decade ago. I remember commenting on my nose, and the photographer responded, 'Who's looking at it? I'm looking at the eyes!'. Before that, I would fantasise about having the money someday to 'fix it', but now I like this piece of art on my face”

“I broke my nose twice while growing up: once while playing basketball, and the second time while rushing to the restroom at a club, where I walked into a glass door. The bump got more pronounced and the nose a bit more crooked, but it lasted a very brief time. I think we put too much emphasis on symmetry when the whole idea of life is fine meaning in imperfection”

“When you are young, you can sometimes be self-deprecating. But as you grow older, you realise that you may have been too harsh on yourself, for no reason... Today, I no longer rely on external validation, and simply focus on inner joy. @bazaarindia @radhika_bhalla”

Apart from Kubbra Sait, celebrities and noted personalities such as Gauri Devidayal, Sohaya Misra, Ira Dubey, Anushka Menon and Zeeshan, also shared their experiences.  

Meanwhile on the work front, Kubbra Sait will be next seen in Foundation, which is a science fiction drama series based on the book series of the same name by Isaac Asimov and produced by David S. Goyer for Apple TV+.

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Don’t Rely On External Validation, Focus On Inner Joy Says Kubbra Sait

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