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How not hiring movers can cost you more when it is a long-distance move?

The process of moving comes with a wide range of choices and one of the main choices of these is whether you should choose professional movers or whether you should have a do-it-yourself move. The biggest factor that people consider while choosing an option is the cost. Hiring international movers may seem expensive but till only when you don’t add up the entire cost of a DIY move.

There are numerous things that you have to do by yourself and only you will be responsible for any kind of mistake or damage that occurs during the process while in case if you hire professionals then you just have to sit back and relax, you will also not be responsible for anything. How not hiring movers can cost you more when it is a long-distance move?

Check out how a DIY move can cost you more!!!


  • Loss of items: When you do not hire any professionals and do the entire thing on your own then it can end up in losing the items. While lifting or packing an item, it can be slipped from your hand and get damaged, causing you a loss of that item. One can also misplace some of his or her stuff in the chaos.
  • Damaging items: When you pack the items by yourself than during the transportation at a long distance there is a risk for the damage of the items. You don’t have any experience of packing items before therefore you don’t know the right techniques to pack the items and they can get damaged during the transportation.  
  • Rental trucks cost more: You will need to rent a truck when not hiring a moving company. The charges demanded by the truck owner for renting a truck to load your belongings will be high, especially, when moving at a long distance. Usually, rent is charged based on the weight or volume of the belongings held by the truck.
  • Fuel cost depends on miles: When it is a long-distance move then having a DIY move means you have to pay extra for the fuel. Usually, the cost of the fuel is not included in the truck rental. The fuel consumption could also be difficult depending on the size of the truck rental.  
  • Packing material: When shifting your belongings to a long distance, you will need to pack your stuff properly and much securely to avoid any damage while in transit. If one hires any moving company, it becomes the company’s responsibility to do all the packing securely but when you are your own, you need to buy all packing supplies such as cardboard boxes, labels, bubble wraps, packing tapes, foam pouches, etc to pack your belongings much firmly.
  • Manpower cost: You will need to hire labor to load your things into the truck and also unload the items from the truck at your new apartment. And several men are required and their wages will be according to the volume and number of items to be shifted. Hiring manpower will cost more if the requirement of several men will be more.
  • Taxes: When you move out at a long distance, moving costs will also comprise goods and service tax, also known as GST and in case of interstate shifting, toll tax or other charges are needed to be paid. These costs get adjusted automatically when one hires a moving company and I not, then you will have to pay these taxes.
  • Shipping of automobile: Moving includes numerous tasks and one of these is to ship your automobile if any when moving at a long distance. When one hires a full-service professional moving company, then it becomes the headache of the company to depart its customer’s automobile to destination place but when one chooses to have a DIY move then one bears the cost of shipping automobile. With the increase in distance, the shipping cost also increases. Shipping cost also depends upon the mode used for transporting automobiles.
  • Additional costs: When you move by yourself then you should be ready to bear numerous numbers of extra charges that you might not add when you estimate the total cost of moving. You might be in need to rent the additional equipment as you don’t have the proper tools to load items safely to protect these from scratches and damage. You can get dolly on rent to move items from one place to another. Depending on your needs and requirements, you may need to get the different tools on rent. 

Wrapping it all up!!! 

The biggest reason why a DIY move can end up spending more than hiring professionals is that professionals have the right tools and techniques to transport items and with their experience, they can do the task with ease and in an efficient way. If you don’t want to face any problem during hectic tasks of moving and want to move with convenience then hiring full-service movers is just an ideal option for you.

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