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Best Android Alarm Clock Apps To Consider Over Your Traditional Alarm Apps

Struggling to wake up early is very common, most of us fail to wake at the time in the morning and as a result, you find yourself late for the office or other stuff. Even it is good for the health to wake up early morning, it keeps you active all day. But the problem is we do not wake up till anyone come to us and says wake up you are running late.

Best Android Alarm Clock Apps To Consider Over Your Traditional Alarm Apps

So the best solution to come out of this oversleeping issue is an alarm clock. Today you do not need to buy any separate alarm clock, every smartphone comes with a default alarm application. But on the app store, there are many other alarms clocks app which can replce your default alarm app.


So here we are sharing about the best Android alarm clock application which will help you every morning to wake up timely. But if you go to the app store and search for the alarm clock app then you will find hundreds of results and it is very difficult to test all one by one to find most suitable Android Alarm Clock Apps for you.

So here we reviewed the top 5 best Android Alarm Clock Application for you.

Best Alarm Clock Apps For Android

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

Alarmy is featured on Cnet, Gizmodo, and many other tech media sites for the most annoying alarm clock application. And in many countries, it is considered as no 1 alarm clock app.

The app contains a photo mode feature and it is a very interesting feature where you have to take a picture of the registered place to completely turn of the alarm clock.

There is one more feature “math problem mode” where you have to solve a math question to turn off the alarm. Also, a shake mode where to turn of the alarm you have to shake the phone.

I Can't Wake Up! Alarm Clock

I Can't Wake Up!, this app is really insane which contain eight different tasks to turn of the alarm. Until you will not solve your the tasks the alarm clock will not be stopped. App also features multiple alarms, daily or weekly repeating, and many more others features.

Even you can customize screen lighting, and volume according to your need.

If you wake up and fail to complete the task then the alarm will repeat again and again.

The app contains many sources of music so you will have huge options for ringtones.

It contains 8 wake up tasks like math, memory, Order, Repeat, barcode, rewrite, Shake, Match etc.

It is up to you that which task you prefer to set, and you can also test it to find is it working or not.

Sleep As Android

Sleep is one of the important factors of our life, with unproper and bad sleep there are huge chances of many mental diseases.

Sleep As Android, it is a smart alarm clock and it is not like your ordinary alarm. it contains Smart cycle tracking which tracks your sleep with contact-less ultrasonic sleep tracking and let you improve your quality of sleep.


  1. It is a smart alarm clock
  2. Smart cycle tracking
  3. It helps you to improve your sleep quality
  4. It smartly tracks your sleep with contact-less ultrasonic sleep tracking


Amdroid Smart Clock For Heavy Sleeper

Amdroid is considered one of the best alarm clocks for the Android smartphone. It let you customize your alarm profile and contain a smart alarm feature.

You do not need to pay for the app, the app is free to download. You can download it for free from the google play store. There is no limitation of the alarm profile, you can create and manage unlimited no of alarm profile.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

Like it name this android alarm clock app is one of the most powerful clock application for the Android operating systems. Alarm Clock Xtreme contains features like music alarm, challenges & task, Auto snooze, and many other alarm customization options.

It also tries to track your sleep but its sleep tracking feature is not powerful like sleep as Android. But still, it helps you in many ways.

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