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Sujata Singh Ruling The Cover Song And Live Gig World

Sujata Singh Ruling The Cover Song And Live Gig World

Young and beautiful singer Sujata Singh is blessed with one of the most unique textural and

velvety voice, and her fans cannot seems to get enough of her cover songs.


Re-defining the old classics with uniqueness and velvety tone, Sujata has gained popularity

and fans which is both impressive and inspiring. One of many songs, Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal

Hai has gone viral with a massive 12 million hits, the song has propelled Sujata to a whole

new level of popularity and accolades.

Talking about her journey, Sujata said, “I got into cover-singing some 5 years ago, when I

started my YouTube Channel and with the release, I have found a surer footing into musical

world and stronger fan base. Contrary to popular belief, cover singing is not easy; it requires

a lot of work to make something which is already itched into the minds of fans.”

She is singing since 2009 and has 10-year long career in singing and done many shows across

the globe. In these tough pandemic times also she utilise her time in making covers and

growing her profile in efficient manner.

Sujata Singh’s songs instantly found its fan base and they just fell in love with the singer and

her creative niche. Apart from cover singing, the singer has been a front-runner in the world

of live gigs. She has done shows across the globe. She is a popular name among corporate and

college fest events.

Talking about aspirations, Singh added, “Name and fame is by-product of good and hearty

work. I am here to stay and work hard. Whatever I have today, is from my hard work and

dedication towards my talent. I look forward to a better and more versatile and diverse


Talking about her cover-song hitting a whopping 12 million hits, Sujata Said, “I am happy

about it. I created something from heart and I think it just touched other people’s hearts as

well. I love singing and I love creating something new from the old classics. I took a risk of

creating a female cover with Saajan song but I knew it would work and it has”

Sujata keeps releasing cover-singles and originals on massively popular YouTube Channel.

Fans have showered love for her songs and have been listening to them on the loop.

Sujata Singh is one busy-bee when it comes to work. Her YouTube channel is booming with

fans, and with over 1000 plus shows across world, she is definitely one of the most exciting

and promising female vocal singer on the circuit and we wish her nothing but success.

Sujata Singh also said that soon she is going to release her original song.

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Sujata Singh Ruling The Cover Song And Live Gig World

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