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ZEE5 Star Archanaa Guptaa Shares Yoga Tips During Covid-19 Pandemic

ZEE5 Star Archanaa Guptaa Shares Yoga Tips During Covid-19 Pandemic

Government’s across nation has called for lock-down. India is currently in 21 days lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic and actress Archanaa Guptaa, like every responsible citizen and artist, spends her time creating awareness about building a better immune system with Yoga.

Archanaa Guptaa is known for role in ZEE5’s Poison series, along with that she has some 300 TV Commercials and worked in South Indian film industry for her credentials. When asked how she spends her day during the lockdown, Archanaa said, “Nowadays I have made my schedule of getting up early and do Yoga in the Sunlight. I also admire the sunrise and seeing the beautiful sunrise every day feels good. After sunrise the first thing Yoga I do is Pranayama and I also make sure to do Surya Namaskar. This is very good for health because our whole body is stretched and even the breathing pattern improves. Doing this you will get lots of strength because these asanas are done in plank position, mountain position and flaming positions. Doing this asana also makes our spine strong. In fact, our whole body from head to toe gets worked out every day”

“After that I do Pranayama, which includes normal breathing that is 21 times I do equal breathing. And then I do normal Pranayama this includes Bhastrika and Anuloma Pranayama. Working out this makes our immune system strong. This is also good in preventing coronavirus” added Archanaa.

Archanaa also added some tips about doing the Yoga correctly. She said, “We should listen to our bodies completely and should not go beyond our comfort zone. One good thing about Yoga is that if you twist your body only half, you will get the same results as you get in doing complete Yoga pose because everything is all controlled by breathing. To make strong our immune system we should do these breathing exercises. And this will also help in preventing coronavirus.”

When asked what sought of changes you have felt while doing Yoga, on this Archanaa said, “Whenever I do work out, I see that I do it freehand. And when I do Yoga, I feel stability and calmness. Nowadays our life is so complicated that our mind is constantly thinking one or the other thing. But by doing such type of meditation we can get that peace in our life.”

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ZEE5 Star Archanaa Guptaa Shares Yoga Tips During Covid-19 Pandemic

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