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What Can Be The Results of Low Egg Reserve and Fertility Treatment?

If you are looking for the Best Hospital For Infertility Treatment, you can think no twice and travel to India. It will provide you with a definite cure and convert your dreams of becoming parents into reality.

There are a lot of women travelling to India to avail IVF after the age of 40 years. It is the time when there is a lack of quality reserve of eggs, and the women are born with a definite number of eggs. However, IVF can help in such a time as the doctor's plan for artificial ovulation. 


Let us check if the low egg reserve is going to affect the fertility treatment in the women.


Results of Overage Women With the Low Egg Reserve:

The women with the low egg reserve have first to undergo the down-regulation. During this period, the regular flow or periods of women are stopped, and the condition of artificial menopause is achieved.

Now, the doctors artificially proceed eggs for ovulation. During the ovulation process, only the matured quality eggs are retrieved. It is done artificially with the help of medicines, and the ultimate result is a positive response through the IVF procedure.

In this process, the eggs are not wasted as the menopause is achieved. Only the eggs are retrieved during the artificial ovulation. Also, all the ovulated eggs are used without losing.

What Can Be The Results of Low Egg Reserve and Fertility Treatment? 

The eggs are first fertilised through In Vitro Fertilisation and then transferred to the body. 

If there are additional eggs, then they are refrigerated. The frozen eggs are utilised for the next cycle of the procedure, in case the first one is not a success.

Also, when the embryo is preserved, it is put under five days of the development just to check which eggs can help in getting the positive outcome of the IVF procedure. 

Moreover, it is recommended that overage women or women with a low egg reserve shall undergo the continuous or consecutive IVF cycles. It gets essential, considering the limited resources as the number of eggs can never be increased. 

If you miss out on your present reserves, you will have to go for further proceedings taking the help of the donor eggs. These donor eggs are first put under the diagnosis, and then the process is initiated if the quality of the eggs is up to the mark. 

Irrespective of your age, and the diagnosis reports; if you initiate with the IVF treatment, you must count on a minimum of three cycles of IVF. These number of cycles are essential to get the desired results. 

IVF Treatment Package of consecutive cycles helps you to improve the results of IVF treatment by 80 to 95%. 

Final Words:

The results of IVF treatment, even with the low egg reserve, is going to be positive. However, the treatment should be done under experienced doctors without losing hope. Do not plan for giving up if you do not get satisfactory results in the first two cycles. Keep trying and you would succeed.

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