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Who will Bell the Cat? Why is Shri. YS. Jagan Reddy Kept in the Dark?

Who will Bell the Cat? Why is Shri. YS. Jagan Reddy Kept in the Dark?

Vijayawada: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy chairs a meeting with district collectors and SPs on COVID-19 prevention measures amid coronavirus pandemic, via video conferencing in Vijayawada on March 20, 2020. (Photo: IANS)

It is a well known open secret that Shri. KS. Jawahar Reddy doesn’t enjoy a clean reputation- talk to any senior IAS officer in AP or Telangana and this is the first thing they say about him. In fact, while in PWD and Panchayati Raj his wife Mrs.K.Padma Priya used to deal with various road contractors and collect upfront bribes in return for tender awards. He is known to have made crores then and he is a close confidant of Shri. Kiran Kumar Reddy and several Congress leaders. In fact Shri. Kiran Reddy is said to have warned him when the stench of his deal-making was about to hit CMO and he got moved out. He begged and pleaded with Shri. N.Chandrababu Naidu, for whom he has a soft corner, to make him EO, TTD and even offered to give some contribution to Honourable CM and TDP but Naidu did not budge. Word in Andhra Pradesh Secretariat now is that Shri. Jawahar Reddy is making a killing in the name of emergency procurement of masks, surgical gloves, etc in the name of coronavirus. Again Mrs.Padma Priya Reddy is involved and his doubtful integrity precedes him in AP.

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But under pressure from Shri. Satish Chandra, IAS, Principal Secretary to CM, Mr.Naidu selected Shri. Anil Singhal a dynamic IAS officer and IAS topper. Ramana Deekshitulu, the Head of the Agama Shastris and he clashed publicly over the removal of crores of rupees and jewels from the temple through secret tunnels. The matter was quickly hushed up by Singhal and Deekshitulu and the truth never came out. Shri. Deekshitulu of late has been hobnobbing with Shri. Subramanyam Swamy and frequently pays secret visits to Shri. Mukesh Ambani, to help take over administration of the temple by amending the TTD Act.


Deekshitulu was removed from the temple by Mr. Singhal but he met Shri. Jagan on his Padayatra and secured a promise that if he came to power, his position as Chief Priest would be restored. Jagan kept his promise and restored Deeshitulu but brought his trusted family loyalist Shri. AV.Dharma Reddy, a mischievous IDES officer to keep an eye on him. Dharma Reddy is extremely well connected to all political parties including Congress, TDP and BJP, and uses his proximity to control the most important part of TTD, namely VIP Darshan. He controls all VIP Darshan, all land and estates on Tirumala and all procurement contracts running into crores of rupees. He is known to be by and large honest but power-hungry and mischievous. He met CM Jagan recently to get an extension for Shri. Anil Singhal for if Shri. Jawahar Reddy goes to Tirupati as EO, Dharma Reddy will be sidelined.No wonder both the Reddy’s, Jawahar and Dharma, for their own narrow vested interests do not want a clean outsider to come into TTD and they both combined forces to stop the appointment of Srivatsa Krishna, IAS, a Brahmin officer ex-AP cadre, with a clean no-nonsense reputation. CM will probably continue Singhal till the controversy dies down and post Shri. Jawahar Reddy or Shri. JSV.Prasad or Shri. A.Giridhar as EO, TTD. Giridhar enjoys an excellent honest reputation and took on Congress and TDP both over multiple wrongdoings but is in Central Service and may not come back. Shri. JSV Prasad is seen as ineffective.

Shri.Anil Singhal and Shri. Praveen Prakash, IAS, Principal Secretary to CM are extremely close but the rate at which Shri. Jagan and Shri. Praveen are making enemies in AP through their ill-thought-out 3 capital move, cancellation of approved legal contracts which they were repeatedly advised against, the million-dollar question is how long will they survive? After all Prime Minister Modi who demands probity from both his party and from his allies is watching and won’t take kindly to any part of India becoming a hot-bed of corruption as it did during Chandrababu Naidu’s time when millions were siphoned away.

Why is a young dynamic CM Jagan not allowed to govern? Why is he being misled by his closest advisors? Who is the Trojan horse and who will bell the cat?


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Who will Bell the Cat? Why is Shri. YS. Jagan Reddy Kept in the Dark?

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