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41(Nalpathiyonnu) Review – Emotional But Not Connecting (Rating: **1/2)

41(Nalpathiyonnu) Review - Emotional But Not Connecting (Rating: **1/2)

Film: 41(Nalpathiyonnu)

Cast: Biju Menon, Nimisha Sajayan, Anand Bal

Director: Lal Jose



Reviewer: George Sylex

What's About - With regards to religion and the absurdities inside it, there are various approaches to handle the issues with sharp, gnawing humor. 41 is a story of an atheist and his incidental visit to Sabarimala. 41 Is Laljose's 25th movie as a filmmaker. Biju Menon, who plays Ullas, is a Left front agnostic and much against his desires, he is made to go with a previous party worker and a heavy drinker Saranjith to Sabarimala. While Ullas is bothered at going on a journey, the movie doesn't pass on significantly more on this contention. The film is treated with a sarcastic methodology yet a major share of time it crashes and burns. Debutant scriptwriter PG Prageesh's inability appears and a veteran like Lal Jose can't make a lot of enchantment out of this.

Analysis - The film utilizes some comedy with reality, and it's truly amazing. There are things that could have been improved, yet generally, the story disrupts. 41 is a normal flick to watch, one that ought to be seen by individuals who have questions about their own convictions. In spite of the fact that not the conclusive narrative on religion. The discussion of religion has been continuing for a long time; this film may assist you with settling on a choice all alone confidence. Regardless of your strict feelings, 41 is a detailed film from start and passionate towards the completion. This film produces some emotional minutes but also requests you ask yourself significant inquiries.

It's been a dash of very average movies like Thattumpurath Achuthan and Velipadinte Pusthakam for Laljose. This being a little preferred endeavor over the two and still remains one of the weakest work. Everything is sudden and bearing just brings down your enthusiasm for the film. Despite the fact that nearly, the second half is superior to the primary, the film lost the watcher in me in the initial thirty minutes. The songs are not catchy enough. Sabarimala locales are shot very well by S Kumar.

Biju Menon is in his standard zone, he can presumably assume jobs like this with his eyes shut. In this way, perhaps the time has come to wander into a new area. Nimisha Sajayan plays two stages, a student and an increasingly experienced woman and keeping in mind that she is great in both, it doesn't appear to be a perfect character for her. She appears to be somewhat squandered in a smallish job. Newcomer Saranjith is a solid nearness as a heavy drinker and adorable husband.

Verdict - 41 movie lacks entertainment as it has nothing to offer. Indeed, even the best of the stories require great storytellers, and that is the thing that this film is absent. The film produces some enthusiastic minutes yet in addition requests you ask yourself important questions.


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41(Nalpathiyonnu) Review - Emotional But Not Connecting (Rating: **1/2)

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241(Nalpathiyonnu) Review - Emotional But Not Connecting (Rating: **1/2)41(Nalpathiyonnu) Review - Emotional But Not Connecting (Rating: **1/2)41(Nalpathiyonnu) Review - Emotional But Not Connecting (Rating: **1/2)41(Nalpathiyonnu) Review - Emotional But Not Connecting (Rating: **1/2)41(Nalpathiyonnu) Review - Emotional But Not Connecting (Rating: **1/2)
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