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Nag wants to implement F2’s strategy

Nagarjuna scored the biggest in his career with Soggade Chinni Nayana. Now, the sequel of this film, Bangarraju is set to go on floors soon.

Apparently, Nag has asked the director Kalyan Krishna to add as many comedy blocks as possible to the final draft.

Recent release, F2 banked mainly on comedy and this film had a dream run during the Sankranthi season.

Nag is planning to implement a similar strategy with Bangarraju as well. He is hoping that the family audience will lap up the film in the holiday season.


We need to wait and see if this plan will work out.

Nag wants to implement F2's strategy

Hyderabad: Actor Akkineni Nagarjuna shows his inked finger after casting his vote for Telangana Assembly elections in Hyderabad on Dec 7, 2018. (Photo: IANS)

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