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Trending : “Hello Srujana” fever allover !

Trending : "Hello Srujana" fever allover !

Trending : “Hello Srujana” fever allover !(SocialNews.XYZ)

You would have got an idea after having a look at the title. Yes! This is about the call recording of a frustrated guy who had a break up with his girlfriend. The whole conversation includes offensive words all over and he was from Telugu states. This conversation went viral since it was released and all the frustrated Single guys are hearing it in repeat mode.

Meanwhile, our meme makers are too busy with the massive stuff they got probably the best in recent times. In that audio clip, a girl named Srujana ditched her boyfriend for another one and he abused her with too many offensive words for not having a regret.

The iconic words "Hello Srujana", "Tinnava raa", "Emaindi raa" are circulating in social media for fun. Of course, the identity of the people in that conversation is not revealed yet apart from their names.


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