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Lineage OS, CarbonROM, and Many Other Custom ROMs Now Available for OnePlus 6T

When it comes to the developer-friendly premium Android devices, the options are few and far between. OnePlus devices are the major ones among those options, thanks to the developer-friendly policies adopted by this company. OnePlus not only allows the owners of its devices to unlock their bootloaders but also allows them to do so without voiding the warranty. Moreover, the company also provides its devices itself to developers under device seeding program. An end result is a large number of custom ROMs available in the market for all major OnePlus smartphones.

Lineage OS, CarbonROM, and Many Other Custom ROMs Now Available for OnePlus 6T

Now, a short while ago the company had paused its device seeding program. However, the decision was not permanent and it had been taken only to refine the selection process of developers for the program. It has now been reintroduced in the recent days, though it allows a smaller set of developers to take its advantage. Nevertheless, those developers who could get their hands on a OnePlus 6T under this program have now released some pretty cool custom ROMs for this device including the already available method to unlock and root OnePlus 6T.

That’s right. LineageOS 16, CarbonROM, CypherOS and many other custom ROMs are now available to be flashed on OnePlus 6T. Each of these ROMs has its own distinct features, and each one can be downloaded from its own official XDA developers page (links are given below). However, before you download any of them keep one thing in mind: the fingerprint sensor won’t work with any of them! Keep this shortcoming in mind before you start flashing any of them on your OnePlus 6T. We also don’t know when will the sensor start working on any of these ROMs.


Now if you’re okay with this shortcoming and want to start flashing, head straight to the development section of the xda forum [make this link nofollow].

Besides the drawback of fingerprint sensor not working each of these ROMs is pretty awesome in itself. If you’re already bored with the OxygenOS of OnePlus, give any of them a try and do let us know what you think about them in the comments.

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