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Two Chinese snooker players banned for match-fixing

Two Chinese snooker players banned for match-fixing

London, Dec 1 (IANS) Chinese snooker player Yu Delu has been banned for ten years and nine months, while his compatriot Cao Yupeng has been banned for six years after both pleaded guilty to match-fixing, the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) announced on Saturday.

WPBSA said in a statement that Yu Delu was found to have engaged in "deliberate and premeditated corruption to secure substantial financial gain for his friends/associates and himself."


"He was involved in match-fixing on five occasions in five tournaments and his activity covers a period of two and a half years, and he did this for substantial reward. He also admitted lying to the investigator, failing to cooperate with the investigation and betting on snooker when prohibited from doing so," the statement said.

Yu will serve the longest suspension since English player Stephen Lee was given a 12-year ban in 2013, reports Xinhua news agency.

At hearings that took place on September 21 and November 2, before a three-person independent tribunal, Cao and Yu admitted breaches of the WPBSA Members Rules.

In the case of Cao, he admitted to fixing the outcome of three matches in 2016 and failing to fully cooperate with the WPBSA inquiry.

Cao will serve a suspension of two and a half years unconditionally. The remaining three and a half years will be suspended provided there is compliance with the written terms agreed between him and the WPBSA to provide significant assistance to the WPBSA in its anti-corruption work, the statement said.

"It is very sad when talented players are attracted to the opportunity to make money from fixing matches," said WPBSA chairman Jason Ferguson.

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Two Chinese snooker players banned for match-fixing

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