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Window basics: Choose it right for your home

Window basics: Choose it right for your homeNew Delhi, April 2 (IANS) You may choose to have beautiful windows to add a dramatic look to your home, but ensure the quality and energy efficiency is top-notch and that they are safe and secure, suggest experts.

Manish Bansal, Director, Window Magic, has shared tips on how to choose the right windows if you're building or rebuilding your abode:

  • Window quality - Consider going for windows manufactured by a popular company as opposed to a new entrant in the market as they tend to come with experience. While looking at quality, besides the price factor, you should also consider the window maintenance and ease of use. Minimum expected qualities from a good window and door brand is that the window should be termite proof, water proof, weather proof, energy efficient and sound proof.


  • Acoustic: If you are living in a busy area, opt for windows that are specifically designed for acoustic performance. These windows reduce outside noises from entering your home.

  • Site visits: Make sure that the company provides you site visit so that they are well aware of not just your space, but also the surroundings. The surroundings you live in plays a major role in selecting your windows.

  • Energy efficient: A vast majority of your abode's temperature fluctuations come from windows. So, always try to choose energy efficient windows that can have a real effect on your power bills. Your window's design, glass type, glazing and seals determine how energy efficient it is. Toned or tinted glass, low-e glass, IGUs and thermal breaks are all energy efficient features, which are worth considering.


    B. Muralidharan, CEO, Encraft, suggests the following to keep in mind for choosing windows:

  • Architecture: Choose windows and doors that match your home's architectural look and style. Always opt for those windows and doors which look compatible to the house's interior appearance. It is the most basic thing which a person should keep in his mind while picking any window or door.

  • Purpose: Windows and doors you select for your abode should fulfil all the purpose of buying. For example, if you are planning to buy a door for your kitchen, then the most important thing to keep in mind is the requirement for proper ventilation.

  • Warranty: Several window manufactures offer different warranties to their clients. You should pay close attention to the warranty, especially while choosing the glass options. This will enable you to get the best deal.

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Window basics: Choose it right for your home

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