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“FAQEER” – Living Limitless Press Launch recently held at PVR, CP, New Delhi

"FAQEER" - Living Limitless Press Launch recently held at PVR, CP, New Delhi

The T-series Pop Chartbuster ‘Phir Se Wahi’ artist, Rishabh Tandon who performed under the alias name Hrish Tandon, is back to the world of music and is ready to start his journey as Faqeer - Living Limitless. All artists have their own journey that moulds their unique story. Rishabh Tandon is one such artist, an artist with a story to tell, a journey to share. Over the years, we’ve known many artists running merely after fame, but there are very few who actually get this fame. Here we have an artist who was running after what he loved, Music, and saw fame along the way. Led to a much bigger project, one that the world has never seen before, the first ever 365 day digital musical narrative. The project is not a commercial one as of now but is definitely promising and exclusive. This venture starts with a journey which sets the character of Rishabh Tandon as Faqeer.

"एक ज़िंदगी जिसको क़ुदरत ने चुना वो बनाने के लिए, जो वो है, लेकिन इसका मतलब यह नहीं, कि उस ज़िंदगी को सबकुछ ऐसे ही हासिल हो जाए, क्यूंकी, क़ुदरत को बार - बार एक बात का एहसास दिलानापड़ता है।, "मुझे मालूम है कि मैं कौन हूँ!" 12 नज़रियों से बुनी, 7 एहसासों से जोड़ी, 5 तत्वों से बनी, 3 लोक में घूमीं, एक इंसान की कहानी - फ़क़ीर "

Faqeer  - The Journey Of A Life Living Limitless .... The Story of , a Settled to An Unsettled Man for His Unknown Search Of Love , The World that He Created Within The World For Himself - THE FAQEER PAD , and his Only Love , Left To His Life , as necessary as Breathe - The Music … He Declared His Love After A search and said - “Music Remains the only inseparable Love Story To My Life…”


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"FAQEER" - Living Limitless Press Launch recently held at PVR, CP, New Delhi

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