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Homage Paid to Siachen Avalanche Mortal Havildar Elumalai

Homage Paid to Siachen Avalanche Mortal Havildar Elumalai

Siachen: Havildar Elumalai M who are trapped at Siachen on Feb 9, 2016. (File Photo: IANS/DPRO)

Chennai, Feb 16 (IANS) Homage was paid to the remains of Havildar Elumalai M, who was buried alive in an avalanche on the hostile Siachen glacier with his nine colleagues, here on Tuesday morning.

Officials of the Indian Coast Guard (ICG), Eastern Region, fellow members of ICG and State government representatives laid wreaths and paid homage.


The body of Elumalai, highly intelligent Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), was flown at the Coast Guard Air Station on Monday evening.

Elumali of Adukumparai village of Vellore district in Chennai had joined 19th Battalion in October 1996 and ever since became an inseparable part of the battalion.

The soldier was killed when an avalanche struck their post around 20,000 feet above the sea level on February 3, burying them under nearly 30 feet of snow.

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