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‘Smart’ Robot Phone That Can Dance If You Wish

'Smart' Robot Phone That Can Dance If You Wish

Tokyo, Oct 12 (IANS) Japanese multinational corporation Sharp has announced the world's first "robot phone" that fits in your pocket. Called "RoboHon", it can take calls, dance, project photos, display maps and much more.

The touchscreen is small and pretty basic. There is only space for four icons on each home screen.


The device, developed by the famous Tokyo professor and roboticist Tomotaka Takahashi, will be launched next year.

"The primary method of using RoboHon is by talking to it. The touchscreen is a secondary interface," reported, quoting a Sharp official.

The "robot phone" has a two-inch screen on its back and features a built-in camera and projector on its face.

The arms and legs are articulated to walk and even offer up a dance if you request the robot politely.

The robot phone can take photos, call people, take memos, respond to text messages and even project photos and video from the tiny projector.

Tt can stand anywhere and take pictures. It has both voice and face recognition so it can distinguish between users.

Sharp is yet to reveal its price.

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