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Is Mega Family Heading for Splits?

Is Mega Family Heading for Splits?The social media thinks so. It all started with Allu Arjun's(Bunny) Race Guram that released Last year. Race Guram was a Blockbuster and Bunny was praised for his acting and dancing skills. The social media thinks this created some insecurity in Konidela (Chiru's) Camp.

Then the controversy escalated at the audio function of Son of Satyamurthy by Dasari Narayan Rao's comments. Dasari praised Pawan Kalyan instead of Megastar Chiranjeevi. The fans on social media started criticizing Allu Camp for Dasari's Comments. All Arjun used Rudramadevi audio function to pacify fans. Things Cooled off a little.

Now after Rudramadevi's release a week before Bruce Lee's release created another storm. Konidela's camp took Bruce Lee as a prestigious project since it is a comeback of sorts for Megastar Chiranjeevi in a cameo role. Again Dasari was in the middle of the controversy by saying "Big Heros Movies doesn't need festival release and movies like Rudhramadevi needs 2 weeks space". This made Konidela's camp fans very angry and  they were of opinion the Allu camp is using Dasari for taking on Konidela's Camp.


Allu Arjun again released a statement saying that He doesn't find fault with Bruce Lee producers it was Rudhramadevi that came in the wrong time, but the controversy does not seem to die down.

To top it all, Konidela camp announced starting of two new production houses – Konidela Productions and White Horse Entertainments which will ultimately compete with  Geetha Arts and Geetha Arts 2.


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