Currency Nagar Review : A mature film despite some flaws points (Rating: 3.0)

Currency Nagar, produced by Unnathi Arts, is directed by Vennala Kumar Pothepalli. The film stars Gowtham, Afshaan, ⁠Siva Durga, ⁠Rajashekar, Vinayguntreddy, ⁠Durga Bhavani, ⁠Manikanta MK, Keshava, ⁠Chandini, ⁠Venky, Sudharshan, Mahesh Yadlapalli, and Spandana. Let's find out what is the film about:


Actor Sudershan in urgent need of money to save his friend, is confronted by a clever ghost in an abandoned house. A feminine voice from an iron chest tells him stories revolving around greed, love, money and relationships questioning his wisdom. The iron box in which gold is stored narrates three stories to him.

The first story is about human relationships, the second story is about love and deception, while the third story is about the moral digressions a boy commits in winning a girl's love.

What did Satya do after hearing the three stories? Why did he have to go there in the first place? Did he get what he wanted? What is the end goal of the whole narration? That's what the film is about.


The artists allow the story to do the talking. They never overpower the narrative. They empower the central theme of each of the stories like gentle actors who know their brief. Although most of the artists are unfamiliar, they make sure their emotions are fleshed out thoroughly.

Technical Departments:

Producers Mukkamala Apparao and Dr. Koduru Gopala Krishna,executive producer muralidhar gudluru have produced a meaningful film. The production values are meaty. The strong technical values are evident.

Director Vennela Kumar Pothepalli presented the story with conviction. Sidharth Sadasivuni provided the music with a touch of creativity. The background music by Pawan elevates the narration. Sathish Rajaboina's cinematography is a strong quality of the film. Carthic Cuts' editing is remarkable. Mihira Karanki's art direction is adequate.


The episode involving Keshav and Chandini really stands out. The element of agony and pain of a mother has been delved into with maturity.The second story drags a bit but second half and the first story make the movie entertaining. The pre-climax phase is a big plus, while the climax is on unexpected lines. The film's narrative structure is a throwback to the Vikram-Bethal stories.

Given the nature of the story (narrated in three different segments), the non-linear style of screenplay was milked very well. The dialogues, despite some demerits, enhance the drama.


This is a mature film despite some flaws points. Watch it!

Rating: 3/5

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