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YSRCP MP K Raghu Rama Krishna Raju Letter To Railway Minister Piyush Goyal Requesting Cargo Express Train From Bhimavaram To Guwahati For Aqua Produce

At the outset, I complement you wholeheartedly for launching the first-ever Cargo Express from Hyderabad to New Delhi. This would be a revolutionary move towards greater and faster development.

Sir, Bhimavararm, in my native Narsapur Lok Sabha constituency, is called the Aqua Capital of India as it is home to major marine product production and processing industries.

Andhra Pradesh is very prominent in aqua products mainly fish and shrimp and is the single largest exporter of such products with an annual turnover of around Rs.30,000 crores. Bhimavaram region alone earns around Rs. 10,000 crores of revenue from the sale of fish to various states of India and is hence called the Aqua Hub of India.


Presently hundreds of trucks transport daily aqua products like shrimp and fish to Bhubaneshwar, Kolkata. Guwahati and the rest of North East India. The aqua products mainly fish arc perishable and in order for them to reach their respective destinations on time, truck drivers race against time and become the victims of accidents.

Against this background, you would agree that a Cargo Express from Bhimavaram to Guwahati would not only help the products reach well ahead of time but al. help the aqua farmers benefit economically as the train would drastically cut down their transport overheads.

I take the liberty in assuring you that our state government would echo this thought.

So, I request your good selves to please direct the railway authorities to meet with aqua farmers and aqua exporters and state government officials and public representatives to ensure that this Cargo Express is flagged off at the earliest. The meeting should decide the frequency of this train.

With warm regards,

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