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YSRCP MP K Raghu Rama Krishna Raju Letter To Honorable AP CM YS Jagan Requesting Assistance To Building Construction Workers

You are well aware that the lockdown has crippled the construction industry leaving nearly 20 lakh construction workers with severe livelihood problems, Most of them belong to the weaker sections of the society.

Our Government in the state and the Union Government have taken measures like free ration and cash payments. You will graciously agree that given the deepening crisis against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic more should be done by our Government.

I have received representations from construction workers in my native West Godavari district and also from Andhra Pradesh Bhavana Nirmana Karmikula Sankshema Sangham narrating their dire situation.


Our Government has begun the process of online linkage with Aadhar for 20,64,379 workers registered with the Construction Workers Welfare Board. As of 8th July 2020, only 10,66,265 workers have completed linkage and the rest would complete doing so in the next one month. In this connection, I request you to instruct the Village and Ward Volunteers to proactively encourage the rest of the workers to complete their Aadhar linkage.

Our Government is collecting cess from the builders towards the welfare of laborers. During the recent Legislature sessions, the Government told the Legislative Council said that Rs 1340.65 crores have been collected as cess from 27th September 2014 to October 2019 (copy enclosed).

From this, only Rs 308.22 crores have been spent on the welfare of laborers during the same period. We still have over Rs.1,000 crores with which our Government can do meaningful hand-holding with the construction workers.

I request you to extend the immediate financial assistance of Rs.5,000 to each laborer enrolled with the Board. Further, the Government taking their plight into consideration may add further assistance as it seems appropriate. Our Government could please start extending financial assistance to those workers who have already completed Aadhar linkage.

Our Government has always kept its best foot forward with regards to the welfare of all sections of society. I trust you would acknowledge that our Government will do its utmost for the construction workers.

With warm regards,
Yours Sincerely, K Raghu Rama Krishna Raju

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