Big Brother Review: Mohanlal’s Decade Starts With A Worst Film (Rating: **)

Big Brother Review: Mohanlal’s Decade Starts With A Worst Film (Rating: **) (Photo:SocialNews.XYZ/

Film: Big Brother

Cast: Mohanlal, Arbaaz Khan, Anoop Menon

Director: Siddique

Rating: **

Reviewer: George Sylex

What's About - Big Brother is a family action thriller from director Siddique and Mohanlal after their unsuccessful film Ladies and Gentleman. The movie revolves around the lead character Sachidanandan played by Mohanlal. The film narrates his struggle to protect his family which reveals his extraordinary past. Bollywood actor Arbaaz khan plays a key role in the film.

Story Of Big Brother - Sachidanandan (Mohanlal), a convict carrying out twofold punishment, gets released from prison with the assistance of his sibling Manu (Sarjano Khalid), who, after many ineffective requests to the administration, finds support from a strange drug lord named Edwin Moses to get his sibling out. Sachi's arrival agrees with the marriage of Vishnu (Anoop Menon) and the character played by Honey Rose, with whom Sachidanandan shares a secret past. What happened next structures the fundamental narrative of Big Brother. For the people who love to kick back and appreciate movies, this one could engage you. I couldn't completely appreciate the film in light of its exceptionally unsurprising storyline. In spite of the fact that for all brainless and bad-to-the-bone Mohanlal fans this is another film that they may appreciate.

Big Brother Script Analysis - I'm somewhat in parts here, simply pondering 'breaking down' the script of Big Brother. By and by, I feel that we presently route past a phase in Malayalam, to depend on contents managing ' one-man show' except if, there's something extremely inconspicuous in it. With Big Brother, one needs to agree that director Siddique appears never going to budge on drama. The shrieking dialogues among Mohanlal and others are without a doubt a trace of that. One would also need to agree there's an excessive amount of occurring in this film. There are sub-plots that could have effectively been evaded however they advance toward the screen yet scarcely have any effect. Indeed, even a kindergarten child can predict the suspense of the climax.

Big Brother Star Performances - Mohanlal appears decent on-screen. While his character requires a kind of arrogance, he appears to go an indent over the edge. There is a trace of vacuous to his scenes. Honey rose looks pretty yet as far as acting is very normal. She neglects to make her quality felt among different actors. Arbaaz Khan has unimaginable exceptional looks yet his ineffectively composed character doesn't enable him to make his best. Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Tini Tom, and Irshad wasted in a job that has more build-up than sway. Anoop Menon and Sarjano Khalid make a conventional showing as the supporting cast. Actor Siddique with an alternate language emphasize is also not too bad.

Big Brother Direction, Cinematography & Music - Siddique is gradually rising as the ruler of appalling movies. Contrasted with his past, his movies are insignificant disappointments as well as shows a dunk in his feeling of comedy or emotions. Lacking reality and loaded up with idiocy, my concern isn't with the story or treatment. His film needs consistency this time. The film was completely level in its first half, and however, presents interim Mohanlal oversees on pull the thing in the groove again yet a poor composing has caused outrageous harm. Jithu Damodar's Cinematography is good. The lighting is brilliant for the scenes, and a ton of shading in each casing. Deepak Dev's songs are pleasant, yet I wish the background score was better.

Overall - Big Brother vows to be a story-substantial film with its reason yet, it's totally shallow. Terrible performances, gimmicky narrative and poor screenplay pull it down from what it would've accomplished.

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