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Stop Benchmarking Western Standards: Indian Dj Kerano

New Delhi, Jan 17 (IANS) The country's disc jockeys have the ability to make a splash internationally, but can do so only with their indigenous style and not by aspiring to match standards set by foreign DJs, says Delhi-based DJ Kerano, who feels there's a dire need for Indians to value homegrown talent.

All of 22, Kerano, who dabbles in progressive house music, has already collaborated with Polish producer and DJ Tom Swoon for a single titled "Here I Stand". That apart, he has played at grand music festivals like Sunburn and Enchanted Valley Carnival.

In an interview to IANS, Kerano said: "We need to stop using the West as a standard and instead do your own thing, have our own market and take that market globally."

"Right now, if I go and produce music like a certain DJ in the West... when he has already done it, it's not really going to make a big difference if I do it. We should do our own thing and make original music. Then, we can nail it (internationally)," he said, stressing on the need for originality among musicians here.

Kerano feels that under the influence of content from the West, being original is tough for a lot of artistes. He, however, also blames the lack of marketing and promotion of Indian talent within the country.

"When an international artiste comes to India, there is so much of hype that people think that 'I want to be like that guy'. So they start doing what the international talent does," he said, adding that primarily, the Indians should value Indian artistes more.

"From the marketing point of view, when an international DJ comes, there is a lot more marketing than when a local DJ is playing. It's always a local DJ playing an opening set for an international artiste if you see. Obviously, then the hype is more... for example, we had French DJ David Guetta coming, and the amount of media attention and hype that is created will obviously lead to a much better turnout," Kerano said.

"Promoters, producers and media should treat Indian talent as real talent. We need to value Indian artistes more. That is how it will grow," added Kerano, who performed last month at the Sunburn Goa Festival, where top international DJs like Kygo, Martin Garrix, David Guetta and Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike took to the stage.

Among the Indian DJs who regaled music aficionados were Anish Sood, Avantika Bakshi and DJ Shaan.

Kerano also believes that if music producers and DJs do more collaborations, the popularity of electronic dance music -- which is only expanding over the years -- can be taken to "the next level" in the country.

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