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Pattiseema – The Beginning

In the year 2014, a national company called India has divided one of its regional offices Andhra Pradesh into two branches namely Andhra Pradesh(AP) and Telangana.  After an internal power struggle, each regional office has elected a regional Vice President.

Andhra Pradesh elected Nara Chandrababu Naidu (CBN), as its regional Vice President and Telangana elected Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao (KCR), as its regional Vice President. Like in any other breakup, these two regional offices were fighting with each other for everything and running to Head Office to solve their feud.

Pattiseema -  The Beginning


AP RVP Mr. Naidu realized, he needed to do something to win some brownie points from Head Office. So he called in his best Project Manager, Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao and asked him to come up with a project that can be done quickly and cheaply. They come up with a project called Pattiseema.

Since a similar major project called Polavaram would take another four years to complete (if it ever gets money from Head Office India), Pattiseema ensures data supply to the data-prone Rayalaseema districts and Krishna Delta in the meantime. With Rs. 1,300-crore allocated, Pattiseema was to be completed in a year.

The opposite group of Mr. Naidu lead by Mr. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in AP, opposed Pattiseema project calling it a waste of money and resources. Naidu's group alleged Jagan's group is worried of the fame that Mr. Naidu would get by completing this project. After back and forth allegations, the project was finally given a green signal.

Following an RFP process, an outside vendor MEIL was selected, with a guaranteed bonus if the project is finished in an year. MEIL planned to use source code of Polavaram project to save time.

Five months into Pattiseema, Mr Naidu (reeling from lack of publicity from his other projects) asks MEIL to release a trial version. At this time MEIL programmers realize the unstable nature of Polavaram project code and suggest a rewrite. However, MEIL decides to release the trial version of Pattiseema on September 16th, 2015 with much publicity and media hype. With the entire Social Media calling the event an historic achievement, Mr. Naidu and Mr. Uma basked in limelight of favorable media coverage.

However problems soon emerged with the trial version of Pattiseema crashing due to the unstable code from Polavaram project.

Now the blame game has begun. The vendor is saying “We were rushed into release and we will fix all the problems in the final release”. Mr. Jagan's group is blaming Mr. Naidu  and Mr. Uma for gross incompetence in managing the Pattiseema project and asking them to resign. The Naidu group places the blame squarely on the source code from Polavaram, which was initially contracted out by Jagan’s family.

Pattiseema-The Ending in 2016.

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