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Telugu movie market in USA is entering bull zone.

You may call me crazy for comparing a movie distribution to stock exchange, but it is true. Baahubali did really expand the US market for Telugu movies and Srimanthadu continued the trend. It is Bale Bale Magadivoy that change the market overall from good to bullish. Now every one wants piece of American Pie.

Telugu movie market in USA is entering bull zone.

This is leading to unnecessary competition even for small movies which 2 weeks back couldn't find any buyers and now releasing in 60-100 centers.  Just because a small movie made more than million dollars, it does not mean every movie will be safe venture. Even our media cleverly ignored another about Dynamite fate in US and are busy in wring articles about Bale Bale Magadivoy, which is a good movie.


I hope common sense will prevail for future movies, as US winter months will start soon and people may not come out in crowds like in summer months.

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